The Truth About Sharks

From the origin and history of sharks to thier current place in the ocean ecosystem, this study of sharks is a comprehensive look at these amazing organisms. With over 500 species, we will investigate their biology, interactions, misconceptions, and conservation.

Appropriate grade range: 6-12


Learning Goals

  • Analyze the complex relationship between sharks and humans.
  • Investigate the characteristics of sharks, including thier well-developed sensory systems.
  • Assess the roles sharks play across ocean ecosystems.
  • Summarize the 400-million-year history of sharks and their relatives.


  1. Sharks and Humans – A Complicated Relationship
  2. Sharks Across Time
  3. Sharks Are Fish
  4. Making More Sharks
  5. The Senses of Sharks
  6. Sharks and the Ecosystem
  7. The Bizarre, The Awesome, and The Beautiful

Course Components

  • Online Assessment
  • Student Guide
  • Narrated Video
  • Interactives
  • Instructional Reading Strategy with Handout
  • Objectives for each Chapter

Alignment to NGSS