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New Year, New Projects

The continuing A Rising Tides scholars have started the new year perfecting their buoyancy in the pool, while moving forward with their community service projects - getting the word out about single-use plastics.

Three of the original A Rising Tides students are continuing their diving and marine science adventure with the team at Ocean First and Ocean First Education, but we have added a fourth marine science adventurer to the group! Our newest member, Juliana, is no stranger to Ocean First. Having earned her open water scuba certification in 2017, she is eager to get more involved in local conservation efforts as she adds to her dive experience.

All four of the students have dedicated their community service projects to reducing local plastic consumption. From promoting Crayola’s Colorcycle program at local elementary schools, and educating and encouraging their own schools to become a Green Star School through EcoCycle to encouraging local businesses to be aware of and discontinue the sale of products containing microplastics, these four young women are out to make a difference in their community.

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A Plastic Ocean

If you’re in the neighborhood tonight, swing by Ocean First for a screening of the film, A Plastic Ocean, followed by a discussion lead by Ocean First Institute regarding the current health of the ocean and the steps we can take to make a positive impact, even from Colorado.

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary investigating the impact of pollution on the environment. Directed by Australian journalist, Craig Leeson, the film focuses on the impact of plastics on marine life around the globe and what we can all do to reduce our negative impacts on the natural world. 

Can’t make it to Boulder tonight? Check out A Plastic Ocean on Netflix, or your favorite streaming service provider.

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Go Big

Hello, I’m Fatima Flores Almanza and I am one of the Season 1 A Rising Tides scholars.

The reason I submitted my application was because my postsecondary coach encouraged me too. She thought that I would be interested because I seemed to be very adventurous. I also wanted to experience something new and unknown to me. Once I got accepted into the program, I could not believe it!!! I was so excited to start a new journey in my life. I was also scared because I had never learned how to swim, which was kind of crazy because I was 15 and I still did not know how to swim.

Read more about Fatima’s experience with A Rising Tide in our latest blog post.

1 Topic : 5 Facts
How well do you know the ocean?
This regular feature will help acquaint you with our blue planet.
Topic: Solomon Islands WWII Shipwrecks
  1. 900 islands make up the Solomon Islands, and between 1941 and 1945 witnessed several strategic battles between Allied forces and the Empire of Japan.
  2. The Battle of Guadalcanal is perhaps the most well known, certainly one of the most bloody, battle to have taken place. It lead to the withdrawal of the Japanese forces in 1943.
  3. Within the New Georgia Sound was an area known during WWII as The Slot, due to its shape and the amount of traffic it saw. The Slot runs through the middle of the Solomon Islands and is, today, the eternal resting place of more than 200 ships, 690 air crafts, and several landing barges.
  4. The Slot is known today as “Iron Bottom Sound” due to the vast amount of metal that lies on the seafloor.
  5. Shipwrecked Lieutenant (junior grade) John F. Kennedy and his crew of the PT-109 were rescued by local islanders who suggested he write a note in a coconut which was then delivered by dugout canoe. JFK kept that coconut on his desk throughout his term as president.  
WWII Shipwreck in the Solomon Islands
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